RDCL Rules  V3.1 – Updated 2/1/2016,

The latest published version of the RDCL rules is found below. Choose between the standard version, and a version with changes from V2.5 & V3.1 highlighted. Official RDCL rules also include rules clarifications and interpretations posted below.


RDCL_Rules_V3.1_-_Highlighted_Changes from Previous Version

Appendix A – Track Specifications Diagram – Updated 5/1/2017

RDCL Rules Clarifications – Updated 5/1/2017

Prior Clarifications, still enforced under the current ruleset – Updated 6/5/15  (In the event the current ruleset conflicts with or overrides previous clarifications, those issues are no longer in effect).


RDCL Officiating Hand Signal Document – Current as of May, 2017

RDCL Ref Hand Signal Doc


RDCL Officiating Best Practices Document – Coming Soon


RDCL Officiating Paperwork – Current as of May, 2017

Officiating Workbook – Includes all NSO paperwork for bouts.


RDCL Penalty Hierarchy – Current as of May, 2017

Penalty Hierarchy – when a single action could result in multiple penalties, this document explains the order in which they should be recorded.


RDCL Minimum Skills Requirements – Current as of May, 2017

Each league is responsible to administer the minimum skills assessment to each skater before they are allowed to play their first inter-league game. Each skater must pass the minimum skills in order to be eligible for play in any inter-league game.  The minimum skills assessment may be required to be turned into the RDCL before games and/or tournaments.

If skaters continue in inter-league play, they will need to be re-assesed on a yearly basis.

RDCL Minimum Skills Requirements